Long Story Short

Providing Better Clarity with Synonyms

23 May 2021

Usually, the reader can understand the message of a sentence more quickly when it's simple. However, sometimes using simple words can lead to generic descriptions, undermining the impact of a message. Instead of making it clear, the message becomes less understandable and more confusing. A helpful solution is to use synonyms.

How to Fix Passive Voice in Writing

24 Apr 2021

Passive voice is when a subject is the receiver of the verb. Using it can sometimes add formality to your writing. However, avoid using it too often because it can easily bore readers. To fix it, simply review your sentence and transform it into its active version.

The Importance of Consistency

18 Mar 2021

Writing every day seems like an easy feat. However, for the actual writer who writes every day, it's a different story. The only reason writers who write excellent pieces daily have that superpower is simple; they make it a habit to write daily and acknowledge the importance of consistency.