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This will be the final issue of Long Story Short. After a great run of 11 years, we feel it is time to close up shop and say goodbye to all of you who have made LSS a great success through the years.

We will maintain the site and the archives so your many published works will remain viewable. We, of course, are very sad to say goodbye to so many wonderful writers and friends we've made through the years. Stay in touch, and we wish you the best writing success imaginable! Happy New Year!

Denise Cassino
Linda Barnett-Johnson
Amy Pacini

Kim Bussey

Kim Bussey is a graduate of Ohio State University. She spent twenty years as a fact checker and editor for two of the top five publishing houses in the US and continues as an independent editor today.
Anisa Claire

Anisa is the creator and co-owner of the online writing community, Writer's Carnival, and it's sister site and in-house ezine, Reader's Carnival.  She has publications in various magazines.